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Page one. Blank canvas. A quick note scribbled on a cocktail napkin. Everything starts somewhere. The beginning…

This course is designed for entrepreneurs and visionaries seeking a thorough path to completion with their ideas. It is our intention to inspire you to the next step and ultimately to market if that is your goal.

DREAM TO LAUNCH is your course of processes and creative solutions to get your dream realized. By the time you get to the end of this book, you will have thought your project through thoroughly, beginning to end, inside and out.

How often do you find yourself staring at a blank sheet of paper or your computer and ask, “Where do I begin?” Sometimes it just seems impossible to get your thoughts out of your head and on to paper. We’ve all been there with our million dollar ideas doodled on a napkin. And how many best selling novels are sizzling deep within us? But, that is all too often where our dreams stay. Not knowing the next step, we allow our dreams to fizzle, set them aside, or even worse, bury them under a pile of shudda, whoulda, and coulda.

Maybe you’ve put off Your Big Dream project because it seems overwhelming. Maybe you’re procrastinating because you think your dream is out of reach. It’s not. Or maybe you just don’t know exactly where to start. Maybe, you’re afraid. We get that. Blank pages can be terrifying, even for seasoned writers. Big empty walls can challenge the most accomplished of artists. The hurdles of reality and daunting To Do lists can stop any would-be entrepreneur in his track and resign themselves to a career building someone else’s dream.

What about your dreams? And what about your great ideas? We all have them rolling around in our heads until something about them resonates with us. We ponder over them in our minds until we envision developing them.

"When Kennedy said, ‘Let’s go to the moon,’ we didn’t yet have a vehicle that wouldn’t kill you on launch. He said we’ll land a man on the moon in eight years and bring him back. That was an audacious goal to put forth in front of the American people."

~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator

It all begins with a dream. Regardless of what it is; from writing a book, creating a painting, producing a movie, or starting a business, it all starts with a dream unique to you, to your vision, talents, and skill sets. You see, it has to be imagined first. You have to see it in your mind and believe it before anything can happen.

And since it’s a dream, anything is possible. That’s why your dreams can be as venturous as you like, so make yours worthwhile. Dream what may seem the impossible dream. The more impossible, the better. Your dreams need to challenge you.

Of course, it’s all easier said than done. The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. Any endeavor today is going to take a lot of work. That is a fact. Right out the gate, you should know that your determination and decisiveness will be challenged along the way. Others will have their opinions and may try to discourage you from your dream. Fear and doubt will creep in and before you know it, you’ve been convinced, and believe, that your dream is a bad idea and not worthy of your effort. In a heartbeat, your dream is attacked and defeated before it ever gets started.

It would be altogether easier to let naysayers and obstacles derail us. We’ve all had ideas get off track for countless reasons; not enough time, not enough resources or money, didn’t know the next step, no support from our spouse, friends, family, bosses, and on and on. Over time our ideas and dreams just fade away. Maybe life’s responsibilities got in the way or maybe the sun was in your eyes.

Whatever it was, or is, we have only two options; make progress or make excuses.

Often, our ideas simply get sidelined because we don’t know Why we even want to pursue our big dream or maybe our Why doesn’t matter enough. Our next concerns are in the Howhow to get started, how to plan, how to organize, how to look at the big picture, and how to break it down into manageable steps and processes.

We know you’ve had dreams and ideas that have gone unrealized. We all have! You’ve asked yourself, “What is my purpose?” With each passing day, your untapped unique talents become more and more buried because you are afraid to take charge of the next step. Does this sound familiar? When are you going to do something about it? Success or regret – the choice is ultimately yours.

Our book, DREAM TO LAUNCH, and this course, is a compilation of the authors’ talents and skill sets. It is our intention to creatively engage you and heighten your awareness in the following chapters by providing useful information for you in building your dream, in planning your project and taking your product to launch.

Your special gift to others is your unique talents and individuality in expressing them, bringing something new to what you create. We know your dreams are worth pursuing, and it is our dream to help you realize that!

This book is a collection of our processes, which we have implemented throughout our combined lifetimes for ourselves and clients. DREAM TO LAUNCH will provide you with solutions to get your project out of your head and into the world. Think of this as your dream facilitator with insightful information that will help you see the big picture and break it down into manageable processes, overcoming fears, and having some fun along the way.

The processes and methods we implemented in creating this project, DREAM TO LAUNCH, were mind mapped and outlined from the beginning. Examples are shown in the pages within.

By connecting the dots, we show you how to creatively imagine and explore new approaches and pathways you may not have considered before. Dreams, no matter how big or small, are just the beginning.

Ideas need nurturing from the moment they are conceived. Your idea has a better chance of growing and surviving with an immediate and organized plan of action.

Why we created our book (and ultimately this course) was in response to all the questions we get asked; How to start a project and how to get it done? How to write? How to draw or paint? How to create a website?, How to do social media and how to get your project seen… and most importantly how to make your projects and dreams happen?

We’ll discuss curiosity and how it is so important in developing Your Big Dream. Outside the box thinking leads you to open-minded thinking and new creative perspectives, as you engage in your dream. Topics will be explored regarding your creative imagination, and how you’ll naturally conceive ideas based on your knowledge and unique talents and skills. We have witnessed how often opportunities present themselves as you work with fellow creators, masters, and mentors, masterminding and developing mind maps and blueprints with the applied intention for the success of your project.

By solidifying your belief and confidence in yourself and your dreams, you will realize how powerful the phrase is: Thoughts are things. You will have bigger and better questions to ask while seeking knowledge to get your project off the ground. Along the way, your confidence will improve and your belief in yourself will inevitably lead you to new levels of expectation in all areas of your life.

These action steps will help you achieve tangible results as Your Big Dream gathers momentum.

As you move forward toward your launch, you will learn more about your ideal customer. Ultimately you will create your story and share Your Big Dream with the world.

We invite you, the dreamers and doers, destined for great things, to dive in, head first. Are you ready? Of course, you are. Then let’s get started because all that’s left is everything!